Get to the source of
what’s keeping you

  • Uninspired
  • Disconnected
  • Burnt-out
  • Stagnant
  • Stuck

Coaching and culture for leaders & Teams

our mission

Cultivate more authentic leaders
to foster a more intentional world.

  • Curiosity

    A willingness to explore and try on new ways of thinking.

  • Compassion

    Learning to love and accept our humanness.

  • Connection

    Fostering meaningful authentic connections to ourselves & others.

  • Belief

    Belief that change is possible.

  • Agency

    Taking full responsibility for the reality we create.


We believe that profound, sustainable change is possible. Real change happens when you stop treating the symptoms of the issues you’re facing, and get to the source of what’s holding you back from being the leader you want to be. Our value system:

what we do

When you work with Brass Tacks, you’ll broaden your self-awareness and create space to operate with more intention.

1:1 Coaching

Through our executive coaching program, you’ll wake up to your core habitual patterns, discover how beautifully they’ve served you, and create space for a new way of leading.

Our one-on-one clients would tell you our compassion, intuitive curiosity and direct style allows them to open up quickly and jump immediately into deep, transformative work.

Team Coaching

We create customized, shared learning experiences designed to empower your team and meet them where they’re at. We regularly leverage our Enneagram Experts to facilitate dynamic and engaging workshops rooted in the teachings of Conscious Leadership. Teams bring real-life issues to solve together and drive
meaningful results.

After partnering with us, teams report stronger communication, more effective collaboration, and a more authentic connection.

Leadership Development

We provide customized leadership development programs that pave the way toward learning and growing in precise areas.

Whether you have a specific problem that needs solving, need an alternate approach to experiment with, or require a massive overhaul from the ground up, we’ve got you covered.

Meet the founder

Sierra Larson is an executive coach and facilitator who specializes in supporting leaders and teams. She has over a decade of hands-on HR experience in scaling and transforming teams around the globe. Her most recent role was HR Director at Dropbox, where she spent 7 years supporting its evolution from a pre-IPO startup to global public company.

For most of us, the majority of our waking hours are spent working. Sierra lights up at the opportunity to make those working hours less stressful and more engaging. She also finds that many of the skills her clients develop translate far beyond the workplace, compounding the impact of their time together.

Sierra is based in the Bay Area and holds a degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley. She loves exploring with her pup, Juniper, recreating recipes from her travels, and writing children's books.

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